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What is an Abundant Girl?


An abundant girl is strong, healthy, confident, creative and happy with herself and who she is in this world.


An abundant girl is kind and caring. She fierce and loyal.

She is abundant because she knows what she wants and she knows what she needs and she isn’t afraid to ask for it.

She is also PROUD of herself, and her interests. She does her own thing.

She DREAMS big, and yet freely admits her mistakes.

She is EMPOWERED by her supportive parents to be her true self.


Our Mission

The mission of Abundant Girls is a collection of blog posts and other inspirational pieces to inspire parents to encourage coming-of-age girls to be kind to themselves and to other girls so they can grow up strong, healthy and supportive of each other. Through content like blog posts, eBooks and online programs we’re hoping to help raise a generation of girls that love themselves and find their happy place so they can enter their teenage years feeling fierce and abundant and confident in their abilities.


About this Projectshawn2

The Abundant Girls Project was born straight from The Abundant Mama Project, an online community for busy moms who want to be more peaceful, playful and present.

Abundant Girls is a partnership between Shawn Fink, founder of The Abundant Mama Project, and her twin daughters, JayBird and LiLi (nicknames).

Together, as a trio of abundance, they write, create and produce Abundant Girls.


About Us!



j and l


My favorite color is RED.

I am in fourth grade.

I am a twin.

I love to play the FLUTE.

My age is 9 and three quarters.

I have a dog named OLIVER\OLLY I love to play with him.

on Halloween I love to carve pumpkins

in summer I go swimming in my pool and every year we go to the beach.

in winter I listen to Christmas songs by the fire with a blanket.

I love to play with my sister my mom has a blog

my dad works at a place that help kids in need

I can’t wait to play soccer in the spring

my favorite subject is math I’m also really good at it.

Now you know about ME. —  LIANA


My age is 9 ¾. My favorite color is Turquoise.

I’m in fourth grade and I have lots of friends in school. I play the clarinet and piano. I teach my-self random notes on both, and it’s a lot of fun.

I want to work with animals when I grow up.I love to play with my new dog Oliver Olly for short.  I’m a twin. We fight 30-100% of the time but we still love each other.My sister was born 30 seconds before me.Oh my nick name is jay, jaybird, jay jay… and who knows what my dad calls me at times. but he does call me jay jay. My family has different names to call each of us during family time. My family has lots of time together week days,too.Our best family times are during the winter,spring,and fall.We love rake the leaves into piles and “fall” into the leaves.We also love play and make snow projects. mostly love to spring into spring with a springy feeling!             –Jay

p.s. now you know a little more about me.

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