Encouraging Girls to Love Themselves

Posted by in Featured, Health + Body Image on Jul 27, 2015

Encouraging Girls to Love Themselves

The other day we were driving down the road.

My daughter got upset about a billboard promoting beauty by a local skin care doctor.

“She’s covered in make up!” she said.

“Why is that a problem?” I asked her.

“Because you don’t have to wear make up to be beautiful,” she responded.

I hid my fist pump from the driver’s seat and I said you are so, so right.

Encouraging girls to love themselves is an ongoing process. Even adult women struggle with this concept.

The key, I believe, is in celebrating our imperfections. We aren’t perfect, and we don’t need to be.

Once we realize that we are free to be proud of our authentic selves.

Let’s hope her confidence keeps flowing … here’s a piece of her artwork that she created this summer that proves she has it in her!

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